Yorkshires are small dogs with long silky hair, usually in brown, black and silver grey. Their coat color changes as they grow older.

Because of their small size and fit shape, many people think of them as sensitive puppies. The best thing to do for them is not pet them too much because you will confuse them! They like exploring and experimenting, they are very curious and playful. They are also full of energy when they are puppies but they tend to be quieter as they grow older.

Yorkshires get very emotionally attached to the person who owns them, they play a lot and they will bark if they feel that they or their owner is in danger. They get along well with children as long as they are able to have some moments of privacy. They can defend themselves towards larger dogs but they get along very well with other pets, even cats too.

Their hair needs daily brushing in order to be healthy and also cleaning of their eyes is essential too. You can keep hair out of the eyes by using a bow, so they can see well. If training is consistent, this breed learns really fast. They get all the exercise they need by playing and running during the day. And as the time goes, they learn to live your way.

Weight: 2,5 kg maximum

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